Terms & Conditions

  1. After the booking the tenant secure that a deposit of 202 € (DKr 1.500) – is paid.
  2. The tenant pays the rent amount no later than 2 months before the start of the rental period.
  3. If the rental amount is not paid on time, the lease is deemed to be terminated and the paid deposit amount applies as cancellation fee and is not refunded.
  4. When the tenant arrives outside the apartment they will get keys to the apartment and front door.
  5. The apartment can – unless otherwise agreed – be taken over on the first day at. 17:00. However, one can come by and ask if necessary. luggage from kl. 11:00
  6. In the apartment there are various user instructions and code for the internet
  7. Errors and defects are expected to be notified immediately to the landlord
  8. The apartment is left on the day of the day at. 11:00. However, luggage can be left in the entrance hall for pickup later that day
  9. When leaving the apartment, the tenant ensures the following:
    • The apartment is cleaned up and all waste is removed
    • The dishwasher is empty
    • Windows and doors are closed. Shutters are pulled for. Shutters in the living room are secured as indicated in the apartment
    • Payment for final cleaning and bed linen and towels are included in the payment
    • When the cleaning has reported that the apartment is in order and keys have been returned, the deposit is refunded